Siti Shazrin Faliza Abdul Mukhtar

Petaling Jaya

hi there. i’m spell, a daydreamer. when i was a little girl, i’m greatly fascinated about the magic of life. and now, i still do..

my full name is siti shazrin faliza. i’m just “eja” to people who knows me. writing is one of my great passions. i got my formal education in the field of business study. but then in love with international affairs management. can’t wait for my graduation day. currently working with procter & gamble. yes!! i’ve made it <3

in the real world, i create and design my world. the world in between, i’m a daydreamer and an illustrator of my dreams. in this other world, ethereal voice of my muses carries me back and forth… to earth…and there

  • Work
    • Procter & Gamble (M) Sdn, Bhd.