Sorfiena Suzainye


Freelance photographer . Love to take nature , macro , architecture , wildlife , black and white photography. Sometimes potraits. My dream is wanna build my own studio photography and spend time whole my life in photography .

Born on July 31, 1995. studied in the Sekolah Kebangsaan Puncak Alam and Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Puncak Alam .

Now she continue her studies at the University Technology MARA, Malacca in the areas of interest of photography. She made a Diploma in Photography and Creative Imagine at Lendu, Malacca for 3year 5semester under Fakulty of Art and Design .

If you are serious about photography, either passionate or amateur, artisans, or anywhere in between, you would probably without a doubt, use photography as a medium for exchange of ideas and communication.

At her university , she study about advertising , photojournalism , black n white and color photography , history of photography , lighting theories and practice , digital imaging theories and practice and many more. She always study and study about what she passion . about what she love to do . For semester 1 and 2 , she study elective subj about Graphic Design and Digital Media - topics such as imaging (photographic, graphic design, illustration), typography (the style, size and arrangement of letters), textures, lines and colours.

And on semester 3 she take elective subj Fine Art - to intensively explore into various field of specialization emphasizing the development of studio skills related to painting, drawing, printmaking and sculpture.

And now , on November 2015, she complete her study in Diploma Photographer and Creative Imaging and she will convo in 5month next year.

  • Education
    • UiTM Melaka