Sara Torres

Amherst, Massachusetts

When I was younger, I never thought that I would one day go to school in Massachusetts. I am from Tampa, Florida where being Spanish is the norm. My favorite part about being Hispanic was that my mom was from El Salvaodr and my dad was from Chile. This reason still set me apart from the Spanish community in Florida. Once I decided to go to school up north, I already was different from most students here because I was from Florida and had never experiecne a snow storm or any drastic cold weather really. What I have realized though is that once people realize I am a Hispanic Floridian they tend to think I am either Cuban or Puerto Rican. To me, I never get offended becuase it is true, most people Hispanics in Florida that I know are Cuban or Puerto Rican. I say I am Chilean and El Salvadorian and peoples reactions are just blank. If you do not know my family, most likely, you will not guess my background. But I do not hate that. I actually kind of like it. I am grateful for my parents and where they come from. I am lucky enough to have actually visited their home countries within the past year. Seeing them in their natural environment and seeing how proud they of their country, makes me a proud Chilean/El Salvadorian. Most people do not know much about these countires , so I feel like a happy spokesperson when they ask me questions about my family and their country.

When I was younger, I never understood why my parents are so proud to be where they from. Given the backstories of each country, they both left thier countries to gain a better life here in America. I always thought they left because they did not like it. As I grew older and learned more about their life back in the day and what they had to go through, I realized they never left their country because they wanted to. They left their country to give their future children (aka me and my sister!) the best possible life for them. Once I realized this, it just made my parents cool factor fo through the roof! I am so blessed I can go see my family from Chile and El Salvador every few years. I am lucky enough to be close to them for how far they actually are from me. They are the reason I tell people being part Chilean and part El Salvadorian is the best gift my parents have given me. They are the reason I get excited meeting people that are from their too. Although, I have yet to meet someone who is Chilean and El Salvadorian here in America, I am okay with that because for now, I ca

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