Sitt Asset Management

New York, NY

Sitt Asset Management is a real estate investment firm that focuses on office buildings, strip malls, shopping centers, and multifamily development. While Sitt Asset Management is based in New York City and has concentrated on properties in downtown Manhattan in neighborhoods such as the Meatpacking District and SoHo, the company also owns property in other states, including New Jersey, Maine, Florida, Tennessee, and Pennsylvania. Most recently, the company has been focusing on retail in Manhattan and up-and-coming Brooklyn neighborhoods.

Sitt Asset Management dedicates the same amount of attention to its investors and tenants. For its investors, the company's team of specialists works towards ensuring impressive returns and long-term value for properties, while diligently searching for new opportunities in which to invest. For its tenants, the company strives to be a responsible, efficient, and responsive landlord, creating a first-class experience.

The family-run business was founded in 2000. The firm is currently operated by Eddie, Ralph, and David Sitt. In addition to running their company, the leaders are also actively engaged in the community and support organizations such as Bet Yaakob Synagogue, a synagogue with a new home in Brooklyn, and the Renewal Organization, which helps to support people with kidney disease.