sitting in dc

Washington, DC

Sitting In DC is a professional care-taking service that provides pet sitting for your furry family members, as well as house sitting and property management for your home in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area. Let us "sit in" for you today.

pet sitting

Tigger. Sunny. Patches. Daisy. Whether or not they come when you call, you know who they are. And although you can't take them wherever you go, they are still part of the family. Which is why we understand your reluctance to board them up in a cage while you're lounging poolside, or taking in the sights on vacation. So what's a pet owner to do? Sitting In DC provides your pet with all the care he needs in the comfort of his own home while keeping you informed about the fun he is having while you are away. We offer overnight care in your home or multiple daily visits so everyone can rest easy. Our goal is to deliver peace of mind to both you and your pet during your time apart.

house sitting and property management

Gone for days or weeks at a time or even living overseas? Sitting In DC handles that too, by providing household services, keeping you worry-free all the while. We are also happy to discuss custom services with you.

Sitting In DC's objective is to provide clients with peace of mind while they are away from home and loved ones. Let us sit in for you today!

Please contact me for availability.

Corinne Stevens, Owner and Operator or 202-642-0005

Sitting Rates:

Dog $45 per day

Cat $30 per day

Additional animals are an added $10

House $25 per day

additional costs may be added for travel