amanda pfeifer

I live, eat and breathe art. I stood in front of Starry Night for two hours. My mom had to drag me away. Visual communication is my love. Something about being able to show an audience what is in my head with little or no words is brilliant. I just want someone to love my art and design. That is all I'll ever ask and ever work for.

Advertising is my second love - as well as Pratt Institute. My dream school and my dream location. I'm a fast paced, stressed out, extremely dedicated artist - just like Manhattan. I'm in San Francisco to prepare myself for the world unknown that is the city of New York.

I buy Vogue for the center spreads and millions of advertisements. I buy Communication Arts for the posters and typography. I watch the Super Bowl for the commercials alone. I rip out pages of magazines I don't even own just to keep them in my scrapbook.

Art washes away the dust and pain of everything in this world. It brings me clarity in a world of hate and negativity.

When I have my art - I'm sitting on top of the world.