Aman Sium

Aman Sium is a first year Phd student in the Department of Sociology & Equity Studies in Education, OISE - University of Toronto. His research focus includes African nationalism and identity politics, cultural knowledges in the African context, and Indigenous Governance broadly conceived. Of particular geographic concern is the Horn of Africa - Ethiopia, Somalia, Djibouti and Eritrea. Aman's published texts include a chapter in Spirituality, Education & Society (Sense Publishers, 2011), and Revisiting the Black Man's Burden: Eritrea and the Curse of the Nation-State (Red Sea Press, forthcoming). In addition to his academic career, Aman is an experienced community activist who works in support of undocumented communities in the Toronto area, as well as political advocacy for Eritreans forced from their homes due invasive mining projects and other projects of corporate displacement.