gokulakrishnan ks

Web Developer, Consultant, and Architect in Erode, India

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shuI am a farmer, Solution Architect and fabric designer with more than twenty years of farming experience. I also have experience in social works and interior design books, business and web copy writing, and more. I often find myself tucked away in the back corners of local cafes, tackling a wide range of projects, such as writing blog posts and articles, developing software's, and creating professional websites.

When I'm not working for idiots, I work part-time for a sustainable agriculture-minded non-profit in india, peddling produce and educating consumers about india's local agriculture scene and the benefits of good, fresh food.

Business dashboard expert and trainer for small scale organizations. Social media API expert and trainer for Digital marketers.

As a Team we are giving all the supports on platforms like Pipedrive, Hubspot, Zoho & Jedox including Customized API supports also now involving with Flutter Applications.

Social analytics Insights Manager and IT guide for Top social networks and google analytics

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    • Organic Farmer, Architect
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    • MCA