Sjur C. Papazian

Norsk versjon


I'm a teacher by profession, and have a Master degree from University of Bristol, England. I've also studied Development studies and Anthroplogy. I've worked as a teacher in Norway, Europe and southern Africa, and I have traveled a lot around in the world, specifically in the southern Africa, West Asia and in Europe.

I am, according to John Lennon's song Imagine, a dreamer. The ones who destroy for us and makes many of us living like we are in Hell and not in Paradise is a global group of criminals who has made them selves to be oligarcs, presidents, business leaders etc. To combat them is they same as to struggle for life, and is a tribute to life.

As Arnulf Øverland ones wrote: "You must not tolerate so well. The injustice that does not hurt yourself!"

I have been critical towards the society my whole life, and function as a political activist full time. My heart beats for justice, peace and equality. I therefor work as an activist to make our society and world to a better place to live for us all, and my fight against the tyrants of today is won because it is just and because I will never give up!

​«Liberty without socialism is privilege, injustice; socialism without liberty is slavery and brutality.»

​- Mikhail Bakunin

​​"Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known."

- Carl Sagan