Sveinung Skaalnes

Stockholm, Sweden

Sveinung is a Norwegian leader and creator in the field of education.

He is currently collaborating on the frontlines of tech, business, culture and talent as Head of Network and Casting at Hyper Island, where he is a part owner.

As founding Program Director he led the inaugural iteration of 30 Weeks in New York City, the education-meets-incubation program for design founders created by Hyper Island, Google and the leading New York design schools.

He has led the development of Hyper Island's Ecommerce Business program, Digital Data Strategist program and first ever online offering; The Digital Marketing Online Course.

He is a co-founder of SKAP, a creative folk high school on the southern tip of Norway.

Previously he has led teams and built things across education, digital, fashion, photography and advertising in London, Amsterdam, Stockholm and New York.

Leadership, Business Development, Product Development, Analytical Thinking, Personal Development, Team and Group Dynamics, Education Development, Experiential Learning Design and Facilitation.

+46 (0) 738 53 67 57
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[email protected]