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Within minutes I meet a skater from New York named Ryan and a girl that works in Christen Dior called Natalie and she agrees to let me stay at her residence. . .platonically needless to say. But eventually the crew makes it and I'm saved, or rather inadvertently cockblocked.

I'd tell you who was in that team but I am under dark orders not to reveal such information. Skateboarding is becoming dark, and I am their dark scribe. Oh, OK, we'd Bryan Herman, Kevin "Spanky" Long, Jimmy from RVCA, Justi n Reagan, and the Mule. Night two at the Zero Zero I fulfill another gorgeous girl.

I wanted nothing more than to be about. She had been an artist that had a big display up in the Dome Museum place which everyone skates out in front of. Man this was perfect chance, cause sometimes I fancy myself as something of the artist. So I give her my very best art-speak and name-drops.

This falls upon deaf ears. While my eyes were on her, her eyes were on Erik Ellington. Erik has said nothing to her except "My wife this and my spouse that" in the dining table where the three people were sitting.

I got so mad; I had been at the point where every sentence that came from my mouth was as if I was standing on the table and waving my arms in the air saying "Look at me. Pay attention to me!" At the end of the night that I tell her she must come to the demo the next day. As she was writing it down in her book she read out loud, "Skateboard demonstration with Erik and. . .how would you spell your name ?"

"My name is Patrick" I said, shattered. And thus started the continuing tour joke of me getting cock-blocked. I was cock-blocked by a wed skater that had no interest in bed this girl whatsoever.

Thank you Erik! And she was even attracted to him is beyond me. I guess it was the long greasy hair, the tattoos, the tuxedo top, and you understand those items that they give you on airplanes to pay your eyes so you can sleep?

He still had one of those on his-head. In fact he wore it the whole first week of the trip. It was as though at any moment he can pull it down over his eyes and have a nap.