Chris Turner

Software Engineer in Thatcham, Berkshire, UK

I am a software engineer specialising in building large scala Internet and enterprise applications, primarily on the JVM. I am higly experienced in Kotlin, Java, Scala and functional programming and a specialist in NoSQL databases.

I work in agile environments. I'm a big believer in Test-Driven Development. Delivering the simplest thing that works, in the fastest time at the highest possible quality is what drives me.

I am currently employed as a Senior Engineer by Kyte. We build software for simplifying integration within flight booking systems.

I love working on open-source software. I have contributed to a number of projects and maintain a few of my own on my github account.

Outside work I'm married with two teenage children, a girl and a boy. On is at university studying Medicine, while the other is completing A-Levels.

My main hobbies are running, cycling and triathlon. I've completed a number of marathons (p.b. 2:59:34) and an Ironman Triathlon (p.b. 11:08). Working towards completing some ultra-marathons in the future.

I live in a 500 year old timer frame house. Building conservation is luckly one of my hobbies. Need a mud and straw wall built or some lime and horse hair plastering done? I'm your man.

My other hobbies include reading sci-fi and fantasy, building stuff from Lego, gardening and skiing.

  • Work
    • Kyte
  • Education
    • University of Hertfordshire
    • Albany Comprehensive