Skip Tate

Runner, Writer, and Dude in Fort Thomas, Kentucky

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Husband, dad, brother, son, alpha dog, alpha cat, alpha beta fish • Word Nerd • Most comfortable in jeans and a sportscoat • Wing nut (Red Wings fan), lug nut (Nascar fan), nature nut, beer nut, book nut, car nut, but mostly just a nut • Writer, editor, reader, worker, player, dog walker, jokster, learner, early morning runner and theologian on the side • A music fan with absolutely no musical ability • Last man standing in my household • Sawer, sander, nailer, patcher, caulker, screwer, taper, holder-together-er of an old house • Prematurely gray (ahem) • Way too busy to get everything done I want to get done • Fan of travel; bigger fan of coming home • Frequently rushed, often confused, definitely blessed, hopelessly unhip, annoyingly neat, rarely late, lightly starched, usually tired.