skopp ~


://coding is my life,
computer is my wife

My name is Rashaad Essop. But they call me skopp (long story). I'm called other things too, but they're not really suitable for mentioning in polite company.

I was born funky. I'm opinionated. I'm straight-up. Sometimes people think I'm being sarcastic/snide.
They're usually right.

But more often, I'm silent, reclusive; almost like a beached crustacean with eyeballs on stalks.

I love to code, compute stuff and sit for days staring at my monitor. It's an amazing feeling.

Okay, that's enough.

  • Work
    • SKUDA
  • Education
    • Information Systems Engineering
    • Mechanical Engineering
    • CNC Programming
    • Business Management
    • Hydraulic Circuits