Slack Adjuster India

New Delhi India

Slack Adjuster India is among India’s leading manufacturers of vehicle automatic slack adjusters and manual slack adjusters. The company also produces air brakes for commercial vehicles. With two state of the art manufacturing facilities equipped with the latest high-tech machinery, Slack Adjuster India caters to both domestic and foreign markets. The company also manufactures Automatic Brake Adjusters for Air Brakes of commercial Vehicles as well as air treatment products such as ‘ConSep’ (Condenser cum Oil Separators - Electric and Pneumatic) and ‘ADV’ (Automotive Drain Valves) for domestic as well as global markets. Slack Adjuster India was the first automatic slack adjuster manufacturer in India to install the Trailer EBS with RSS system. We have established a full flash Application and Engineering Development Facility in India, and also commenced development of new products such as Lining Wear Indicators and Integrated Lift Axle systems for Indian market applications.

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    • Bawana Industrial Area, Delhi
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    • Automotive Engineering