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If you have been hurt on the job or been injured in a car accident in Roanoke VA or surrounding areas then you need to contact experienced workers' compensation and personal injury lawyer Jaleh K. Slominski. Slominski Law focuses its practice on helping employees claim their rightful workers’ compensation. In addition, we competently handle personal injury cases, wrongful death cases from motor vehicle accidents, and Lemon Law claims.

As a homegrown western Virginia law firm, we help genuine people, not companies or insurers. This commitment drives our tight-knit team to pour personal attention into your case, working tirelessly to obtain the compensation you deserve. At the same time, we treat you like family to ease stress and reduce confusion with the legal process. Contact Slominski Law if you need legal guidance or representation, in or out of court. Don’t hesitate to reach out even if you are up against with well-financed or well-resourced parties – our previous clients can attest that Slominski Law has the big heart to help you win.

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