Rachel Wagner

Draper, Utah

Hii! Let me introduce myself with a smile! I recently started working with Kobayashi in their marketing department but am also still working with Poler in their accounting department, which has been my main career since 2005.

However, entering data and balancing books can only excite a person so much and in 2007 my grandpa was teasing me saying 'all you do is smile all the time'.

Picking up from this jab I created a profile as the Smilingldsgirl. This started with my email and moved to a wordpress blog http://smilingldsgirl.com, and then moved on to other social networks including twitter, facebook and more.

Currently my blog has a variety of posts from religion, movies, cooking and occasionally politics. I have 350+ loyal followers and 150-1200 hits a day. A post I did on movies has had over 100 comments.

I was also asked to guest post on popular blog The Little Ferraro Kitchen in 2013.

I'm extremely active on all social networking platforms but have a special affection for twitter and the friends I've been able to meet over the years. I now have almost 1100 followers and am active on several forums #twitterstake #rhap for survivor tv coverage, #nostalgiachat and #foodiechat.

Recently I have started to take youtube more seriously and the content of my videos has greatly improved. Likewise, my viewership has doubled in these few short weeks.

In March 2014 I had a video with nearly 8500 hits in 2 weeks (now has nearly 11k). My main role on youtube is reviewing subscription boxes, which is a lot of fun.

I also love open water swimming, writing, reading, kickboxing, movies and cooking. Got to keep life full of variety and fun.

Mainly I enjoy interacting with others, working on my writing and creating a true smilingldsgirl social network.

  • Work
    • Poler LLC
  • Education
    • Mba