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When it comes to the opioid crisis, CBD regulation may be just what we need. The drug has been touted for its curative capabilities without any psychoactive side effects that many other medications leave behind. CBD is generally delivered by vaping or through edibles, making it incredibly easy to self-medicate. Unfortunately, there are no regulations around what kinds of products should be sold as CBD products. Many companies market their product as "CBD oil" when they actually contain synthetic compounds, which can induce paranoia and anxiety in users, especially those who are new to the substance.

These regulations would help keep people safe by ensuring that all hemp oil containing CBD is tested and manufactured properly, keeping only high-quality products on store shelves while eliminating the need to test each product individually. This would help the government regulate CBD through oversight of all products containing it, allowing them to keep track of where it is sold and by whom. This could also put an end to any confusion about what exactly CBD is made out of, whether or not there are synthetic and therefore dangerous compounds mixed in with the natural form of the substance.

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