Gunther Mothes

Corona, California

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My company: Sea Resources International, LP, is introducing several new value-added seafood products that are processed to Sashimi Grade Quality based upon traditional standards originated many years ago in Japan.

We will be the first and only Seafood Facility in America that will be exclusively processing our Albacore Tuna (and other tuna specie) utilizing the traditional Japanese methods that ensure a true Sashimi Quality.

Most of our local Oregon Albacore Fishermen have now adopted the above Sashimi Processing procedures when catching their Albacore Tuna.

We are currently intent upon establishing a new facility in Florence, Oregon. The Oregon coastal waters of the Pacific Northwest provides us several key seafood resources that have been proclaimed (by the State & NOAA Fisheries) to be "Sustainable Resources." Important to us are the: Albacore Tuna, Chinook Salmon, and Dungeness Crab. The foregoing allows us to obtain our important seafood products from the local fishermen on a seasonal basis throughout the year.

The aforementioned provides us the means to introduce several new "Sashimi Quality" products involving gourmet smoked seafoods - custom hand packed in various sized easy-open cans. The most notable will be our new: "Smokey's SeaSnakPak" that is expressly designed for retailing from the new "Healthy Foods Vending Machines" that are cropping-up in schools, and elsewhere, all over the country. This product will be in several flavors, such as: Hickory Smoked or Solid White Sashimi Grade Albacore Tuna, Wild caught Smoked Chinook, Sock Eye, and Keta Salmon, as well as Premium Smoked Dungeness Crab Meat.

Beginning next year (2014) all Vending of "snacks" & "lunchables," etc., in all Public Schools receiving Federal Food Subsidies under the: "Food for Schools Act of 2010" must comply with new FDA regulations re Healthy Foods & Nutrition for school children throughout the U.S. We want to be ready to provide the above to the appropriate vendors.

None of our products contain adverse chemical additives, no preservatives (nitrates or nitrites), artificial coloring or flavors. In addition they are extremely heart healthy and are naturally loaded with Potassium, Magnesium, Selenium, and artery clearing Omega-3&6 Fatty Acids, along with several important natural vitamins.

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