Sandra Monferrer


I love books. I always do. I learned to read very soon, at the age of 5 and I was totally fascinated with those mysterious objects called books which helped me to dive in unknown fantastic stories. One day I realized most of those books were not written originally in Spanish, they were translated. There was a person, an artisan called translator, who took those words and converted them into Spanish in order that people like me could enjoy the stories they contained. And I decided, deep down, that someday I'd be a translator too.

So, many years later, in 2008, I became a FREELANCE TRANSLATOR and a LINGUISTIC CONSULTANT. Now I work from English to Spanish and Catalan in several specialization fields (for example, Software Localization, Health Care or Fashion translation) with companies, colleagues and agencies from all over the world.

  • Education
    • MA Degree in Health Care and Medical Translator
    • MA Degree in Translation Technologies and Localization
    • Course in Video Games Translation