Savannah Troxell

Winter park, Fl

The name is Savannah Troxell born in the small town of Wilson Borough, PA; in 05 we packed up and moved south to Orlando, Fl where I’ve been ever since. High-school grad, I’m a writer, sequential artist (a fancy way to say I make comics); I roleplay, attend conventions and just a part of the geek culture in general. I’ve been at my hobby since I was born, I loved drawing during class, it always got me in trouble but the teachers never told me to stop completely just stop long enough to focus on class. I’ve written over a dozen short stories plus some outlines for a lot of novels that wont see the light of day. I’ve been known to write slash and fan fiction like so many other women out there; but writing is writing. I’m surrounded by the entertainment business. From my parents owning the production company “Caisson Films”, to my boyfriend the graphic designer. I can’t say that there is a lack of female cartoonist out there, cause that is a flat out lie; but I aspire to join their ranks in the near far off future. I want to bring beautiful characters and plots to everyone willing to give me a chance.


I work as a freelance Artist and comic colorist. I'm currently looking for work as a colorist paid or unpaid. To see samples and examples of my work. This link works perfectly for your needs ~

  • Work
    • Freelance Artist & Comic colorist
  • Education
    • Highschool diploma