Sneh Chandel


Falling in love is the only sociably acceptable form of insanity. But that does not mean the rest of us are any less insane.

Doing things which are different, creating an impact by the work we do is what determines us in our lives. The stroke of insanity is the harbinger of this desire for want of change to find self worth.

This is what life is about for me, to make something out of the amalgamation of experiences accumulated by now. What does life mean for you?

25 years old and a petroleum engineer from P.D.P.U.

Worked at Accenture and Evaluate Energy and always on the lookout for prospects which make me sweat and smile.

Always like to meet other minds. Are you on Twitter, Google+, or even in the area? Let's talk!

  • Education
    • B.Tech in Petroleum Engineering