Soares Chen

Haskeller in Leipzig, Germany

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Programming is a passion I enjoy both professionally and personally. In particular I am most attracted to functional programming in Haskell, with its strong emphasis in building sophisticated abstractions that are strongly typed and deeply connected with mathematics. Although I don’t have much professional background in Haskell, if given the chance I can demonstrate my fluency in both basic and advanced topics such type level programming in Haskell. As I learn about programming language research topics such as dependent types and algebraic effects, I am able to relate it back to Haskell and further improve my programming skills.

In my previous life, my main focus at work was on JavaScript and web technologies. I am able to promptly deliver high quality software with the skills I acquired over the years. Other than functional programming, my fluency in many other programming languages and paradigms helps me identify the best approach to solve a problem. Having strong fundamentals in computer science topics, I am able systematically identify the problem domains and find suitable algorithms to solve them efficiently.

In the previous companies I worked at, I demonstrate strong capabilities on bootstrapping new projects from scratch, leading development of the projects, delivering them to production in reasonable time frame, coordinating with stakeholders and different teams to validate the solutions, and reaching the business goals of the projects. Outside of work, I help nurturing new generation of programmers by participating in tech communities and organizing events and workshops for beginners.

I constantly challenge myself to keep improving my skills and learn new things that I have little experience on. To break through my current limit, I am seeking Haskell-related opportunities so that I can fully utilize the knowledge I have accumulated in the past few years, as well as learning deeper into type theory and programming language research.

  • Work
    • MaybeVoid
  • Education
    • National University of Singapore