Soares Chen

Research Engineer in Singapore

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Soares is a research engineer with both strong expertise in industrial software engineering, as well as deep understanding of research topics in computer science. As a polyglot software engineer, Soares have been deeply involved in programming for 15 years. He is proficient in numerious programming languages and paradigms, with particularly strong focus in functional programming.

In his personal time, Soares has been self studying programming language theory in preparation for pursuing graduate study in the near future. His main research interest is in type theory, and is actively learning topics such as Martin-Löf type theory and linear session types. Soares’ current programming interest is in mastering the three main branches of programming languages - Haskell, ML (OCaml / Standard ML), and Lisp (Racket / Scheme). Soares is also actively learning languages for formal verfication such as Coq and Agda.

Having strong fundamentals in programming languages, Soares can quickly get proficient in any mainstream languages and tools based on work requirements. He has many years of work experience doing functional programming in JavaScript. Soares’ main domain expertise is in web standards and protocols, and is currently an active member of the WebRTC working group. Other than that Soares also have good command in languages including C++ and Python, and have worked on problem domains such as machine learning.

  • Work
    • Cosmo Software
  • Education
    • National University of Singapore