Soares Chen

Research Engineer in Singapore

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Soares is a functional programmer with strong passion in programming and computer science. Being a polyglot programmer for over 15 years, Soares is proficient in numerous programming languages and programming paradigms. On his personal time, Soares is a strong proponent of functional programming, focusing on languages such as Haskell and Racket. In practice, Soares mainly use JavaScript at work and make pragmatic use of other paradigms such as prototype-based programming when necessary.

As a self learner, Soares can pick up new skills swiftly and work across many areas of computing. He has strong background in web technologies and have working experience in areas such as machine learning and distributed systems. Soares has a solid track record of being able to quickly adapt to different work requirements, and pick up new programming tools with ease.

Soares is aspired to pursue graduate study in programming language theory some time in the future. Meanwhile Soares is most interested to pursue career opportunities that can help boost his knowledge in computer science.

  • Work
    • Cosmo Software
  • Education
    • National University of Singapore