Soares Chen

Research Engineer in Singapore

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Soares is a research engineer with strong passion in programming and computer science. His interest is to create practical software applications out of state of the art research in computer science.

Soares is interested in a wide range of computer science topics, including programming language theory, machine learning, and distributed systems. Since 2003, Soares has worked on a wide range of technologies, from web development to compiler design to computer vision.

Being a self learner, Soares can pick up new skills quickly for work requirement. As a polyglot programmer, Soares is proficient in numerous programming languages, with primary focus on functional programming.

Soares’ favorite programming language is JavaScript. He is aspired to pursue graduate study in programming language theory in near future. In the meanwhile, Soares is interested to pursue work opportunities that can help boost his knowledge in computer science.

  • #technology
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  • Work
    • Deep Labs
  • Education
    • National University of Singapore