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Georgia Pre Registration allows new businesses establish a legal entity in the state. It is also called "business entity registration" in many jurisdictions. In Georgia, an authorized representative has to act as the business's agent for purposes of registering the business. This authority is provided by the Georgia Corporation Commission under the Georgia Laws. It was enacted by the Georgia legislature to discourage sham businesses and to protect the consumer.

Under the Georgia pre registration allows the authorized representative of the business to be a non-profit or a private limited liability company. This allows them to structure their operations and pay taxes in a more efficient manner. This is only the first step in establishing a legal entity for your business. There may be further requirements to get registration. These will be clearly stated by the Georgia Corporation Commission.

In Georgia, there is no limit on the number of agents who can act as the business's representative. It is important to determine if you need more than one agent in order to maintain your legal identity. The law restricts the number of agents that a business can have and you will have to apply for an additional license if you do. However, if you are required to have one, you will need to comply with the rules of the state in order for your Georgia Preregistration to be valid.

Georgia Pre Registration assists businesses with managing their accounts. The business entity cannot use direct marketing campaigns. However, when the business wishes to use direct mail or telephone campaigns, then these activities are allowed. The agents are supposed to follow the rules of the State regarding the campaign and submit reports to the authorities.