Soham Adhikary

New Delhi, India

Doing a job in a company under an employer, its’ really frightened me. Therefore, in the middle of 2007; I started a small business of web solutions, and now that has been expanded along with several concerns throughout the last few years. I am simply a lay man, I have no higher degree or diploma concerning the business even I do not know about all those business studies. Whatever I have learnt or known about businesses are from my mother Srimati Alpana Adhikary. Because, I have seen all the ways she uses to monitor and maintain our family very easily. And all those ways inspired me to set up a business and sustaining on it, and even till now I am learning the new things each time when I find her act to do something for our family. The personality of the persons, by whom I got inspired to do some good things for the society, he is Mr.Kumar Mangalam Birla and Mr.Steve Jobs, I am a big fan of these persons. I never believed and even now I firmly believe in the EFFORT whether someone is trying to get a job or establishing an entity. It may be that some people will differ, but really I do not believe that to be a good man everyone has to be the first boy in the class or he has to be highly educated. The important thing is that of someone has the willpower and has a positive mind to put sincere efforts; then no barrier would dare to come in his way, and it is the fact according to my views. It may be quite awkward and you won’t believe that being a Chairman I have to meet the target on time basis. Setting up and running businesses is my inmate passion.

  • Work
    • Adhikary Group
  • Education
    • Shibpur D.B.College
    • Sunderland University