Cryptocurrency in Princeton, New Jersey

Solar Gold (SOLG) Coin is a new cryptocurrency that aims to be the go-to digital currency conversion option throughout Africa, as well as the regional and global markets. Karilyn Youngman Tremil, Reverend Alfredie Johnson, and a group of Internet strategists known as M12 came up with the idea (for Mankind). SOLG Coin enables coin holders to rapidly convert non-fiat African digital money LUMI into crypto, allowing them to participate in the booming cryptocurrency market. SOLG levels the playing field for millions of people wishing to bank, invest, and buy cryptocurrency by acting as a conduit that connects coin holders, banks, financial institutions, consumer services, and mobile on a daily basis.

Solar Gold Coin holders in 176 countries have immediate access to a wide selection of tailored news and content aimed at their unique market once they have entered the SOLG crypto wallet. Solar Gold currently has over 1.7 million SOLG Coin holders in 176 countries, with over 10,000 new currency holders entering the SOLG wallet every day.

Solar Gold is housed on the SWIFIN ( platform, which is the destination for converting LUMI digital currency into crypto, gaining access to trading and liquidity opportunities on popular crypto exchanges, and catching up on the latest news, entertainment, and content related to their local area powered by M12.