We are a dedicated B2B marketing and growth strategy consultancy focused on Asia Pacific. We have offices in China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam. We are helping multinational clients to understand the Asia market landscape, profile industries and competition, size markets, segment customers, analyze distribution channels, determine best locations, boost sales, prepare investment feasibility studies, identify suppliers, review potential joint ventures or acquisitions and deliver market entry and growth strategy in Asia. Our industry experience has centered on industrial applications, technology and healthcare. Solidiance's Asia market entry and growth strategy services provide the required insights and the necessary roadmap to capture profitable market share in Asia Pacific. Solidiance also help large Asian companies to develop and expand their businesses across Asia-Pacific, and to instil innovation at the core of their firms. We are fast growing in Asia, and as such we are now recruiting talented and experienced strategy consultants with strong Asia knowledge. For more details please check