Somewhere There's a Cure

In 2000 our lives changed forever now we are waiting for a cure. Someday… Somewhere...We’ll find a CURE and start living, We’ll find a new way of fighting, Somehow…. There’s HOPE for us, Someday a CURE will come. NO more needles and NO more pain Waits for us somewhere...Now’s the time for us, THE CURE is coming soon, Time for research and funding too, Time to look, Time to care. Someday, Someway- We’ll find THE CURE and start living We’ll find it soon- Keep believing! Someday… Someway... There’s a CURE out there-- I know we’ll find a CURE someday, Hold my hand cuz we’re half way there, Hold my hand and say a prayer, Somewhere...Somehow...Someday...... Adapted Lyrics By Molly Johnson -2005 Based on “Somewhere There’s a Place for Us” from West Side Story. Original Lyrics by Stephen Sondheim & Original Music by Leonard Bernstein.