Somnath Hazari

Project Manager, Teacher, and Realtor in India

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Somnath Hazari, Chief Executive Officer of Adhikary Group, is an experienced techie executive who has a successive entrepreneural intelligence to execute and continue building a successful and profitable companies from scratch. Somnath is currently the Vice Chairman of WebDesignDevil who individually takes the responsibility of whole operation of web solution and maintain a good relationship with all the staffs. For his hardworking, sincerity, and soft manners WebDesignDevil extends it’s services outside of India such as in Bahrain, France, Dubai, Australia, and USA.

Since 2009, he serves as a Managing Director of InFocusSales and proven the successful ways of online/offline sales and marketing and along-with project management, and career solutions, and even he is involved in Brand Development.

Now a days, he has managed some time and joined in some Government Approved IT Educational Institutes as a Multimedia Faculty to share his knowledge with the students and make them IT literate.

Even he is involved with some social establishments to maintain his social responsibility as a human being.