Sonia Ali

Instagram Star and beauty and lifestyle blogging in Dubai

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Sonia Ali, proud member of the Instagram Star, is one of the most renowned and recognized names in the beauty and lifestyle blogging domain. Given to her heavenly beauty and looks, she is often been compared to famous Hollywood reality star Kim Kardashian, who is also a renowned business personality, actress and model.

Kick starting her journey full of achievements at an early age

Sonia Ali was born on 30th December, 1994 in the city of London, England and finished up with most of her primary and secondary studies in the UK. Being highly impressed and intrigued by the fashion and beauty world, Sonia entered into the world of modeling and writing blogs. She has grabbed some big popularity among her fans for all the handy beauty tips and fashion style. Being a hardworking and determined person, Sonia always ensued of maintaining a balance between her passion and studies, so and that’s why got enrolled herself for the law degree in the UK. During her days at the college, she also kept on with her passion towards writing blogs, or giving handy tips for beauty which were well received by everyone around.

After finishing up with her education, Sonia shifted to Kuwait to catch-up with her family and friends settled over there. She spent some quality time there in Kuwait and likewise continued working for her ambitions and passion. With all the hard work and talent, she earned the reputation for being one of the most renowned fashion and beauty bloggers around the world.

From a laws student to becoming a Fashion icon

With all the good work and determination, Sonia Ali has launched her own social media blogs and pages to help people with all the handy beauty tips and work for fashion and makeup. She further joined hands with her sister Fyza Ali, the creator and founder of buffing technique, on social media, especially on instagram. In fact both of them turned out to be the first & only women in the Middle East region at the time that used social media to promote their work.

Hence, they didn’t take much of a time to reach to the top and this is where most of the high end celebs started contacting Sonia and Fyza to get the best out of their work. To make her career reach bigger horizons, Sonia migrated to Dubai. She is proving her prowess in the same industry for several years now and working as a big source of inspiration for all the women via her effective fashion and beauty tips while further partnering with her sister.