Sonia Mansfield

Content Marketing Manager and Writer in San Francisco, California

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During the day I'm the mild-mannered Content Manager for PsPrint and Deluxe. I write blog posts, product pages and even the microcopy in the shopping cart. I write a lot. I also host the occasional webinar.

At night I talk a lot. I host "Dorking Out," a podcast for people who love to dork out about movies, TV and everything pop culture. I also co-host the podcast "Old Movies, New Beer," in which we - you guessed it! - drink beer and talk about old movies.

I'm the proud parent of an awesome autistic boy. I love to drink beer with my husband, buy dresses I don't really need, watch old movies, talk about TV, wear orange and root for the San Francisco Giants, make nerdy “Star Wars” references, and I write about all of it on my silly, little blog.