Sonya Yeh Spencer

Sonya started her involvement in the area of personal development since 1998.
After experiencing an extensive period of personal healing and development, she has acquired truly exceptional level of skills and insight that brings holistic inner change to a new level.

She is passionate in helping others to get rid of their "Emotional Straight Jacket" to live a fulfilling and happy live. Her healing, caring, compassionate yet non-judgmental approach has helped many to get in touch with their
true essence and discover who they are.

She believes it does not matter where you are at in your life, change and healing is always possible. Change, when implemented in a holistic manner will bring rapid healing and personal evolution. This is true and lasting change that is in harmony with self and the environment / context that you are in.

Sonya and Mark together with her three step sons, have build a family that is happy and nurturing and constantly evolving.

"Life is about change for the better — Holistically!" Sonya Yeh Spencer