Sophie Benshitta Maven

My background

Sophie BenShitta Maven. That is my name.

I am a Hungarian born Jew. I have lived in Hungary, Israel and now in the US.

I am an architect by formal training. I practiced architecture in all three countries, I won awards and competitions, but I was a very unhappy architect.

As it seems, I chose architecture because my mother couldn't become one. I am not visual: I express myself through language and through movements of my face or my body... I felt immensely deprived during the 22 years I was in architecture.

In 1988 I finally left the profession. I started a magazine that I designed, wrote, and distributed myself. It was a ton of fun, finally having to communicate for a living.

In 1998 I got deadly ill, went through an operation that left me with major brain damage: my common sense brain functions were seriously impaired. I started to do massages: I didn't need to be too smart for that.

In 2000 I was introduced to energies, and was attuned to very strong, very transformative energies. I moved to Syracuse, NY where life is less demanding, and the energies are less veiled. In 2003 I started my "ascension" by first shaking my brain into wholeness, restoring most of the brain functions I lost in 1998, and seeing that there was a path for me. I didn't know where it would go, but I stepped on it.

Today I have sufficiently raised my vibration to feel confident that I can teach a whole generation of people to follow me in my footstep.

what's different about me?

most teachers talk about transformation

others show what it would take to create transformation

yet others show you how to transform in the moment, moment by moment, but the effects do not stick

many spiritual teachers talk about spirituality

other spiritual teachers allow you to connect to the Creator through them

spiritual methodologies, like Transcendental Meditation (TM) use an intermediary to connect to the Divine Source:Kabbalah, Judaism, Christianity do that

In the Eastern Traditions people create space between their real self and the world, but do not connect, with rare exception, to the Divine Source

I teach you to connect to SourceWhat does "connecting to source" do?

It puts you and your decisions in your life into vibrat