Sophie Warnes

Data Journalist, Data Consultant, and Digital Journalist in London, United Kingdom

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Data type in London. Interested in improving commercial use of data as well as using data in journalistic stories.

I've worked on national titles including The Mirror, The Guardian, The Independent, and British broadcaster ITV.

Interested in: finding stories in data; social media; interactive/digital journalism; stunning photography

Portfolio: Daily Mirror | Ampp3d

Other work: The Independent | Journalisted

Examples of work:
- How many people choose assisted suicide where it is legal? (Guardian)
- Your daughters will be pensioners before we see pay equality between women and men(The Mirror)
- Privatising East Coast has failed twice - why are we doing it again? (The Mirror)
- Only one in ten women are stay at home mums - but it's not what it seems (The Mirror)