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I am a regular guy born in West Bengal. But most bengalis whom I have met call me an absolute probashi bangali. In essense I'll be surprised if you look at me and think , oh that guy is a bengali.

I also, to my utter dissapointment, have a horrible memory and most of my recallable past has been spent in Karnataka. Studies in Mangalore and Working in Bangalore. So you would think I know kannada. Well sorry to dissapoint you but I know only one sentence in kannada "kannada gotthilla". I have tried a number of times to learn this elusive language. But somehow when I speak kannada my friends laugh hysterically kind of like this

I love to read books, travel and trying my hands with photography. I love to watch good movies. I am sadly also one of the gazzillion software engineers bangalore has. I blog about all these.

I and no one I know considers me to be the creative type. I am absolutely dead practical(I prefer being called cold blooded though). Kind of like a zombie. oh ya I love zombies.

I love food too . I have devoured a good list of animals including kangaroo and octopus, the list is ever increasing of course.

I am extremely bad in anything remotely related to fashion. I guess zombies aren't very good with fashion either. I always need someone to help me choose my cloths & shoes. Needless to say i don't have many of them. I would love it if anyone gifts me cloths. Pretty much like dobby here.

Oh and I have a thing for adventure. I love trekking . I have also jumped out of a plane for fun :).

I am sarcastic and I love sarcasm. You can insult me with sarcasm all you want and I will love you more and more . No sarcasm intended there though. Oh and I love puns too.

I have a great bunch of friends and they absolutely love, adore and even worship me...... Nah they hate me.

My Name: There are very few not so awesome things about me and that amazingly includes my name. So believe it or not my parents are hindus. Yes both of them. So actually my name is khan and i am not a muslim. Mindblowing isn't it. So why was I bestowed with a blunder of this magnitude. Turns out my ancestors during the times of moguls did "something" that made the moguls "award" them the title. I hope it was worth it .

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    • Disney Interactive
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    • National Institute of Technology Karnataka