Researcher, Web Developer, and Designer in Brisbane City, Australia

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I am a Researcher, Writer, Artist, Musician, Composer, Illustrator, Web Publisher, Web Designer, Content Manager and Social Media Manager at SoundEagle🦅ೋღஜஇ in Brisbane City, Australia.

My interests include 🏫Academic Research, 🎭The Arts, ‍📜History, 🏰Architecture, 🏞️Landscape, 🏪Journalism, ️🌃Media and Cultural Studies, ‍🗽Political Science, 🧠Social and Behavioural Sciences, 🧬Natural Sciences, 🌦Environmental Sciences, 🪐Astronomy, 🌌Cosmology, 🏛Philosophy, 👼🏼Spirituality, 🏥Health, 📚Education, 🍱Food, 🥻Fashion, 📽️Movies, 📻Music, 🤖Technology, 🏬Web Design/Development, 👨‍💻Webmaster Services, 🏢Website Administration, 📊Graphics, 🖼️Illustration, 👹Animation, 📝Creative Writing, 📰Technical Writing, 📑Document Editing, 📟Translating, 🎼Musical Composition, ⌨MIDI Sequencing, ⌨️Sound Editing, 🪗Musicology, 🎹Music Theory, 🎶Music Analysis, 🪴Gardening, 💐Horticulture, 💍Jewellery Design, 📿Beading, 👒Millinery, and 🎍Indoor Decorating

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