SoUnD WaVeS-official

Music Producer in Redmond, Oregon

SoUnD WaVeS-official

Music Producer in Redmond, Oregon

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Producing Luscious Beats for the Masses::.

Ever since he was young, he’s always thrived that passion for music 🎶. Music for you and SoUnD WaVeS, has no boundaries; It can share many feelings: Joy / Sadness / Excitement, and the list goes on. Imagination at work is something that is desired by most, and SoUnD WaVeS makes sure to supply that to you, through his songs and videos. He was born in a small town, in Cali, by the name of Los Angeles. Disneyland is where he’s at, when he’s in his happy place. Currently resides in the beautiful state of Oregon, one of his fun hobbies is sneaking up on friends, all while making those snowballs rain, lol.

Worked in radio stations part of his life. SoUnD WaVeS came into existence in 2010. He likes to mix in art, and creativity into his work; In order to produce luscious beats for the masses. Each song is like a diary, where stories are told, with feelings and emotions; With the side reaction of a sudden urge to: Shake that booty!

This next part involves you: 1. Dance to his beats 2. Add his beats to your favorite music playlists 3. To share the experience with others #sharingiscaring

“I often think in music. I live my daydreams in music. I see my life in terms of music”

-Albert Einstein

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