Sourav Nandi

Programmer, Statistician, and Data Science Consultant in Bangalore, India

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Hey, I’m Sourav. I am passionate about emerging technologies and how they can improve our lives.

I enjoy building communities. I launched the 1st Not-For-Profit Study Platform for IITJAM MS (which is now a community of over 3300 awesome friends)

I come from a small village in West Bengal. My hobby is reading books and writing cute programs. I LOVE meeting and engaging with people from a diverse background (Hit the buttons below!)

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Writing is another favourite pastime . Read my articles on Medium. I also answer questions on Quora.

For academic interests/to get an updated overview of my CAREER, contact me on LinkedIn. I am a firm believer of Open Source. Follow my Coding and Projects on GitHub.

I have shared some tips on Career Guidance (Resume making, getting opportunities, networking tips), Personal Branding, Survival in Digital World, Stress handling, etc; as well as Statistics and Data Science. Along the way, I learned a lot myself. Some of my posts can be found via the hashtag #souravsays on LinkedIn.

Putting yourself out there can sometimes be uncomfortable or daunting, but totally worth it. This has helped me gain a following of more than 30K amazing members on LinkedIn. The interaction has been very enriching and fulfilling.

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