Sovan Misra

Consultant and Software Engineer in Hyderabad, India

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I'm Sovan...

In Sanskrit it means beautiful.., but I'm not included in that club of beautiful people, but trying to make this world a beautiful place to live in. Smiling and making other smile is what I'm always looking for.

I'm Techie..

Professionally, being called as techies (software engineer), I always give my best to convert beautiful visions into reality. Solving problems is what excites me. Something is there in me that tempts me to crawl towards learning..

I'm Music-holic..

There is nothing in this world that would separate me from music. Even now while writing this, I have my ears plugged with some soothing songs. I believe life is not complete without music. Playing Guitar is my new passion though started learning few months back, but it has become an addiction now.

I'm Human...

Being Human is not just words that sounds powerful, but gives us the utmost responsibility to manage this awesome world. We are here to spread LOVE with everyone. Everyone here includes all non speaking creatures as well. I am here to spread this LOVE with everyone, and I hope everyone does..

That's me..Sovan

Working Experience....

I am a consultant and software engineer at Deloitte Consulting USI currently living in Hyderabad, India. My interests range from programming to technology. I am also interested in dogs, sports, and writing.

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  • Work
    • Deloitte Consulting USI
  • Education
    • Synergy Institute
    • Kendriya Vidyalaya