Pete Spaker

Pete Spaker

PETE SPAKER: [email protected] 585-203-4363
HUSBAND: Danielle Ruhlen-Spaker (Wife) Teacher (RCSD)

FATHER:(Tommy: 3, Charlie: 1)

HOME: Irondequoit, NY

WBER, 90.5FM (local) and streams 24/7 online. Rochester's only independent radio. WBER's the only station to play indie & new music without a record company push; the only station in Rochester playing music based solely on song merit. More things that make WBER unique, give this different kind of radio a try. WBER turned my listening habits on it's ear and squashed out any traces of pop music that were seeping in from age 15 on. The creativity WBER allows me- I need to keep the good parts of my brain exercised.

One job I have worked since 1998 is the most pound for pound fun: A professional aerial pyrotechnics display (fireworks) company, called Young Explosives: assembling, choreographing (and firing) fireworks all over WNY. If you have gone to a big fireworks show of any kind on New Years Eve or July 4th, YEC was responsible. I may have been on the ground, lighting mortars with road flares before a duck and cover to quite literally save my face. I work every May - New Years. Fireworks tend to dry up January 1st through around Memorial Day. If I could fire pyrotechnics every day, full time, I would- in a heartbeat. I have a theory that little boys who play with fire grow up to be big boys who play with controlled explosives.


Anything outdoors. I live next to a River Gorge and know the trails behind my house like no one else. I camp, fish and attempt to hunt- though I am not sure I could actually kill something not trying to harm me. I am surgical with a shotgun and have been shooting skeet (moving targets) since I was about eight years old. I like being good at skeet- as there are many things I am not good at.

I like tinkering in the garage and fixing simple broken household items. I can spend hours at Home Depot or Lowes drooling over the latest laser guided miter saw and new collections of LED lightbulbs. Dork? You bet. And I haven't even explained my passion for building audio, video, computer gear & integrating home computer networks. To give you a hint, I recently installed a four amplifier, 8 full range speaker + subwoofer PA in my GARAGE.