Andrew (Spaz) Grangaard

Marina Del Rey, CA

To my beloved rescue dog Simba, I'm master of all I purvey, a wily pack leader, a bottomless vessel in which to pour love. I see in him a mirror of my loving, exciting, caring soul, an inspiration to enjoy the world to live in the present instant.

To my frisbee buddies, I'm "spaz", a lovable leftie with a beautiful huck, polished throws and perhaps a bit too much flair.

To my Caltech friends I'm Andrew, "Andrew from Portland", granny, spaz, "that mole," or for the occasional Rudd "Drew". Sweet, inspiring, leading, trailing. An Engineer (EE) with a heart of gold. Blacker Hovse, entered with the class of '95.

To my coworkers, I'm a High C (DiSC model), who sees all the angles and keeps our entropy variance low. I fix broken things -- often before they get a chance to break. Yes, I'm fabulously well informed and monstrously bright, but I'm also here to help you. Maybe you'll find something useful on my blog.

The past few years have been in Content and Advertising, with ValueClick ( running Mediaplex's Mojo Publisher), the Rubicon Project (Core Team Engineer), a [Undisclosed Startup] /RSSGraffiti/Open42 (ChiefNinjaneer), acquired by DemandMedia (Lead Engineer) then back to a Start-Up at Air Media (ChiefNinjaneer). Now ZipRecruiter! Before all that was my ~10 year NYC adventure with Horizon Live Distance Learning / / HorizonWimba / Wimba [now blackboard] (bringing traditional pedagogy to the online world). Remember when I was an actual practicing EE, at GNP, Holoplex and others?

To my fellow Perl Mongers I'm the guy who does most of the presentations for Los Angeles Perl Mongers ( as well as running the meetings, maintaining the site, and general cat herding.

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