Musyrif Abu Bakar

Hi and peace be upon you. My name is Musyrif Abu Bakar. Usually people will call me Mus and netizens will call me speedrider. I am a part time blogger who writes about food, rock music, albums, sometimes about tech reviews and Malaysian motorcycling world especially into the below 250cc segment. I'm passionate to share somethings about my favorite subject - food! I'm ready to write about your products if supplied with sufficient resources and of course, it will be more interesting if it is about food, hahaha! However I have done some rock concerts reviews involving Wings and Search; two most legendary Malaysian rock bands and other stuff involving tech, gadgets and safety (sometimes).

Currently Im running Mamu Vinyl channel at Youtube bringing some contents about vinyl records and music related stuff.

Feel free to know me better by visiting my digital marks at the icon displayed below. Together we can share our experiences for a better world.