Spencer Dulal-Whiteway

Efficiency Expert in Manhattan, New York

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Spencer Dulal-Whiteway is a native Trinidadian and a passionate and well-educated entrepreneur who excels in the world of improving public transit by way of efficiency initiatives.

From a young age, Dulal-Whiteway had been keen on bettering the world around him. He is especially interested in the political implications and methods of improvement within the oil and energy fields. Currently, he is the head of Innovative Transit Solutions, a consulting company he helped co-found, that is contracted with the MTA in order to improve the efficiency and experience of public transit.

Spencer gained his first experience in his industry in Naples, Florida. In 1997, he took on the role of managing logistical operations and power production for W.C. Roese. He cut his teeth early, helping to spearhead major projects for brands like Sprint and BellSouth.

After several years at W.C. Roese, he decided to move north to New York City where his first job in the northeast was a hybrid role as a stockbroker and a customer service manager.

In 2000, Spencer made his first foray into politics, helping to implement a demographic data analysis system which helped Michael Bloomberg's mayoral campaign predict voter preference. With a knack for the art of data analytics, he decided to move to Donlin, Recano & Co., a major supporter of the Bloomberg campaign, where he showed them how to increase efficiency through automation.

With a wide breadth of experience in his arsenal, Spencer Dulal-Whiteway founded Innovative Transit Solutions to help companies improve their processes as well as promote a sense of social responsibility.

Outside of his career, Spencer is interested in horse racing, auto racing, travel, playing cards, soccer, and swimming. In addition, he remains heavily involved in Trinidadian culture, particularly sports. Because of the country’s deep English roots and traditions, Trinidadians avidly follow and participate in soccer (of course, they call it football) and cricket. He has fond memories of playing sports and idolizing players in his childhood, and he continues to love the game to this day. He also has a deep love for swimming that stems from a young age-- his mother enrolled him in swimming lessons when he was just five years old. He is a certified lifeguard and enjoys the meditative and health aspect of swimming.

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    • Innovative Transit Solutions
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    • Columbia University