Spencer Rule

Marketing Consultant in Boise, Idaho

Spencer Rule

Marketing Consultant in Boise, Idaho

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I believe a multitude of problems start with just one simple blunder…someone isn’t listening.

My mission statement which guides my personal and professional endeavors:

To diligently encourage and practice authentic dialogue in all areas of my life.

I will seek to create meaningful relationships and learn from them. There is so much to be heard if we just take the time to listen.

Never stop caring, feeling, or creating.

Treat others with empathy and humility.

Learn and love more than I did the day before.

Try something new at least once every day.

I am a marketing professional with over 8 years of deep and diverse experience in the web space. I believe the conversational model of listen, plan, and then speak applies to online conversations as much as offline. Digital interactions continue to have a significant role in meaning making for consumers and for socially constructed identities and cultures.

The real art of conversation is mastered before it even begins. Listen first and it changes everything.

Empathy is my greatest skill and I seek to improve it daily. I am professionally ambidextrous by being equally competent creatively and analytically.

I strive each day to view myself and the world more through the lens of my heavenly father and anchor my identity to His Truths.

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