Spencer Schneider

Consultant and Fitness Training in New Bedford, Massachusetts

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Raised on skateparks in New Bedford, MA, Spencer Schneider has a passion for skateboarding. It’s no surprise that he relives his love of skating by incorporating it in the workout routines he develops as a fitness trainer. Since 2017, Spencer Schneider has helped numerous clients set and demolish fitness training and physical health goals. His program, Spencer Schneider Training, is enjoyed by clients for its innovation. Rather than sticking to typical routines, Schneider uses sports-based games to keep his clients interested and on their toes. Developing unique routines is more than something he enjoys: it’s his passion. Watching individuals set, meet and achieve their goals is a highlight of the process. Helping others and giving back to the community has always been a staple in his life. He has volunteered for numerous skateboardingand food charities both locally and across the United States. Inspired by a skater’s determination, Spencer Schneider enjoys giving back to the community that helped to shape him into the man he is today. An expert on nutrition, he understands the value in a healthy and balanced diet. The idea that families in the United States go hungry motivates him to help demolish a serious problem. More than just a fitness trainer, Spencer Schneider aims to be a positive force in as many areas as possible.

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