Spencer Schneider

Consultant and Fitness Training in Texas

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My name is Spencer Schneider and I am the owner of a fitness company called Spencer Schneider Training. As your personal trainer, I am dedicated to helping you find the workout that is best suited to you and your lifestyle to help you achieve the goals you set. This allows you to feel comfortable in your workouts which means you are more likely to stick with it and meet your fitness goals.

Some of our training programs are geared specifically towards sports, allowing athletes to improve upon specific skill sets and other individuals to simply enjoy themselves while exercising. In particular for Spencer Schneider basketball is one of the best sports to include in athletic training offering great benefits including teamwork, endurance, strength building, heart health, and more.

Along with training, I provide you with a personal eating plan designed specifically for you. This is an important part of any training program because what you feed your body is as important as your workouts. I will make sure that your meal plan and your workout align together to give you the best results possible and leave you feeling full of energy.

Additionally, I enjoy volunteering and spending my time supporting food charities around my local community and the United States in hopes to increase the availability of healthy food to those in need.

When I am not focusing on my professional career, you can find me swimming, playing a pickup game of basketball with friends or practicing some new moves on my skateboard.

Spencer Schneider has also developed a recent interest in the electric car industry as it continues to develop amazing and innovative ideas that will have a great impact on the future.