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2014 kanthari Dream Speech by Erick Matsanza

Erick Matsanza from Kenya participated in the 2014 kanthari leadership program. Erick's vision is an open-minded society transformed by the creative and critical voice of women where gender doesn't play a role anymore.

"kanthari is a place where you are limited only by your vision and your passion. I came to kanthari because I was extremely frustrated by the lack of equal educational and professional opportunities for women in western Kenya. I desperately wanted to be able to improve the unfair circumstances of women in my country by creating an organization that will offer them technical and critical thinking skills. But I felt paralyzed and overwhelmed by the magnitude of this task. By forcing me to look at the world and myself through a very different lens, kanthari has taught me how to embrace challenges, trust my passions and have confidence in my abilities. At kanthari I have learned how to take a goal that might seem broad and abstract and break it down into realistic and achievable steps. The kanthari approach is holistic and highly individualized. And being surrounded by such inspirational and unique individuals makes kanthari such a special and transformative experience. My vision and passion will never limit me – they will work in my favor and help me to achieve all of my goals"

Watch the speach on Youtube: http://youtu.be/11fmtNwM8wg

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