Sreekanth J.K.

I believe dat jus by reading a few lines abt som1 u can't get 2 know d person's Heart n Mind. 2 understand som1 2 d nth its necessary 2 spend som time vth d same.

Dis is Sreekanth, a simple, cool n fun luving person vth a tru Heart n a sensible head but bit emotional at d same time believe in making Frenz n maintaining relations 4evr n expect d same 4m d otherz...

I like ppl who r straight forward, helpful n committed 2 d relationships. Frenz like mi reasonably smart n humorous attitude n call me 'A Wonderful Fren 4evr'. I consider miself 2 b lucky 2 hav som really gud Frenz in life.

I've mi own beliefs n set of priorities bt don't generally impose them on others. Very casual but quite sincere too.

Believe in taking d things sincerely bt not too seriously. I'm a bit aggressive som times bt do consider others n respect their point of views. Believe in miself n don’t see a gud reason 4 sudden r big change in me.

D more u try 2 know abt any1... d more u'll think... u hav yet 2 know abt ! Future is unpredictable so there is no point thinking abt d future. Live life d way u like.. njoy every moment 2 it's full.. however it is... that's life.. n that's me... Kanthu..!!

I am Me. In all the world, there is no one else exactly like me. Everything that comes out of me is authentically mine, because I alone chose it...I own everything about me.

D most lovliest life is living vth d person whom u luvd.... D most lovliest death is lying in d arms of d 1 u luv....!