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We the following individuals being desirous of forming ourselves into a society under the Societies Registration Act 1860 have actually subscribed our names to this memorandum. Such declaration must be signed by the seven or more persons associated with the society and it must be dated. Preparing of Guidelines and Regulations The rules and regulations of the society are framed to guide the members of the governing body or the persons delegated with the management of the society to regulate the functions of the society and for its internal management.

A Society is perceived to be an association of persons or a body of people. A society might be specified as a company or an association of individuals (typically unincorporated) joined together by mutual consent to ponder, determine and act collectively for exact same typical function. As per the Societies Registration Act, 1860, (see Annexure 2, VI), a society can be formed by minimum seven (or more) persons, qualified to get in into a written agreement, for any of the following functions:

1.) Grant of Charitable help;

2.) Development of military orphan funds;

3.) Promo of science, literature or the arts; instruction and diffusion of beneficial.

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