Sarah Kate

Rockmart, GA is the little-bitty, country town I call my home. Although it is full of gossipers and the craziest of people.. there isn't anywhere I would rather be because only love is shown in the hardest of times here. By the grace of God, I have been blessed to live on a large farm that has grown exceedingly over the past couple of years because I have two of the smartest and hard-working parents around.

I am the youngest of 3 siblings: Thomas, Victoria, and Rachel and I have two amazing, strong parents: Mark and Michelle. I am blessed beyond measure everyday that my family has a bond as strong as ours. We hold eachother tight and love one another through the heartbreaks, deaths, and pointless sibling fights.

My very bestfriends might as well be included in our family.. Audrey and Avery. I'm eternally thankful God has given these two ladies to hold my hand when times are tough and give me the reassurance I need to hold myself together daily. "Everyone needs a hand to hold on to. Don't need to be no strong hand, don't need to be no rich hand. Everyone just needs a hand to hold on to."

I hold on tightly to my faith in God. I turned away from him my freshman year of highschool because I felt as if he was not doing anything for me while I went through so many dissapoints and changes. I believed I was indepenent enough to not need any help in this long journey of life. I was very wrong, God is my right hand man nowadays and I may fail myself daily.. but I am reminded that his love is never-failing.

If I wanted to attempt to make a list of all the things I adore, I'm not sure it would ever end... But here are a few:

-puppies (I mean.. who doesn't?), hot wings, my home, coffee and quiet mornings, music, baby/miniature forms of anything and everything, reading a super great book, mac and cheese, being with my nana and papa, my many baby cousins, the beach, decorating/planning/organzing, being outside on a pretty day, being southern and american (how could you not?!), and most of all my relationship I have with my family and The Lord.

"It is in Christ we find out who we are and what we are living for." -Ephesians 1:11