Syra Rain

i am 12 and counting. i may only be in 6th grade but I'm just that amazing

i love math and a little bit of science. my favorite colors are blue and black and anything neon. i play soccer and i'm on a track team; i'll do tennis once in a while and my dad is my track coach. i go to a performing arts school and we do 8-10 performances a year. i love the outdoors like the beach or just hiking. i want my car to be a 1968 mustang boss 302 and i'm only aloud to have it if i build it. i also love heights and i'm a night person. i like staying up late. my favorite animal is a fox because they are quick and smart and my favorite amphibian is a poison dart frog. my whole world also revolves around books and writing. i love all these things and maybe even more too.